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Under New Management

West Berkshire Parent Carer Forum have operated through a host company for the past 5 years. This arrangement is now coming to an end on the 30th of this month.

On the 22nd October 2021 following a conversation with our host Rose Road, the current Steering Group met in Thatcham for an extraordinary meeting whereby the decision was made to take the Forum forward as an unincorporated group. We have been working through November to make the switch over as smooth as possible. Rose Roads hosting arrangement ends at the end of the month on 30th November 2021.

Fiona has also made the decision to leave Rose Road as of today 25th November too. On that note we would like to thank Fiona for the work she has done on behalf of the forum during her time here.

We are still working so please do contact us if you wish to discuss anything further. We will also have access to the usual telephone number from next week 07305551082. Please come and join us if you want to help.

Our temporary new address